About Kitchen Solutions

Kitchen Solutions is a wholesaler of the granite. We buy in bulk straight from the quarries of origin and have it shipped by boat, rail, and truck right to Odessa, TX. We cut out all brokers and middle men fees.

We buy Granite in countertop length sections, minimizing cutting time, and minimizing wasteful trimmings and scraps. This also allows us to install jobs within days after cabinets are installed.

Our granite is 4cm thick compared to the average of 3cm. Our granite is strong and durable, backed up by our 25 year guarantee.

Why Buy From Kitchen Solutions?

Price: We have the best granite prices you can find.

Quality:  We have professional install crews who will do the job right.

Speed: We try to keep all our granite in stock. We can have your granite installed the day after Templating.

Peace of Mind: With a 25 year warranty, you will have a product that will look good for a very long time.

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